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Fever Profile Blood Test Here

Complete Hemogram (28)

Basophils-Absolute Count
Eosinophils-Absolute Count
Lymphocytes-Absolute Count
Monocytes-Absolute Count
Neutrophiles-Absolute Count
Immature Granulocytes
Immature granulocyte %
Total Leucocytes Count
Lymphocyte %
Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin(mch)
Mean Corp. Hemo. Con.(MCHC)
Mean Corpuscular Volume
Nucleated Red Blood cells Nucleated Red Blood cells%
Plateletcrit (PCT)
Platelet Distribution width
Platelet to large cell Ratio
Platelet Count
Total RBC
Mean Platelet Volume(MPV)
Red cell distribution width
Red cell distribution width-sd

Typhoid Test (2)

Malaria Antigen (2)

Fever Panel Test Price and Cost

Are you suffering from fever illness?

Do you know that fever profile blood test or panel test is a simple blood test? Is fever an normal disease? But, if you don’t take care soon on Fever that can be converted in Typhoid Fever.

Which is found in the Monsoon season? Fever can be a different symptom like a Viral Flu, Malaria, and Blood Infection (Complete Hemogram). After all, this situation doctor suggests us to test of fever panel test, which converts into blood test. Our fever profile test includes a combination of tests to identify the cause of this disease. Doctor find by these test the patient has the fever or not if have which type.

Here are Some Rules of Fever Profile Blood Test with Charges:

  • Our Representative will Call You After Booking Appointment.
  • Fasting is no need.
  • Sample Collection and Offline Payment.
  • E- Report Delivery 1 to 2 Working Days.
  • Fever Profile Test Cost @Rs. 490/- already 30% off.

Fever Profile

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