Diabetic Profile Test Price in Delhi NCR | Cost of Diabetic Test
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       Diabetic Profile Test Price in Delhi NCR

Profile Included 83 Test

Liver profile (11)

  1. Gamma glutamyl transferase
  2. Alkaline phhospatese
  3. Bilirubin- Direct
  4. Bilirubin- Total
  5. Bilirubin- Iindirect
  6. Protein – Total
  7. Serum Albumin
  8. Serum Globulin
  9. SGOT (AST)
  10. SGPT (ALT)
  11. Serum Albumin/Globulin Ratio

Lipid Profile (8)

  1. Idl Cholesterol – Direct
  2. Total Cholesterol
  3. Hdl Cholesterol – Direct
  4. Triglycerides
  5. VLDL Cholesterol Ldl / Hdl Ratio
  6. Non-Hdl Cholesterol Tc
  7. HDL Cholesterol Ratio

Renal (5)

1. Calcium

2. Uric Acid

3. Blood Urea Nitrogen

4. Serum Creatinine

5. BUN/ Serum Creatinine Ratio

Iron Deficiency profile (3)

  1.  Serum Iron
  2. Total Iron Binding Capacity
  3. % Transferrin Saturation

Thyroid Profile (1)

  1. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

Vitamin Profile (2)

  1. Vitamin D Total
  2. Vitamin B12

Magnesium (1)

  1. Magnesium

Urinary Microalbumin (3)

Complete Urine Analysis (18)

Complete Hemogram (28)

  1. Basophils-Absolute Count
  2. Eosinophils-Absolute Count
  3. Lymphocytes-Absolute Count
  4. Monocytes-Absolute Count
  5. Neutrophiles-Absolute Count
  6. Basophils
  7. Eosinophils
  8. Hemoglobin
  9. Immature Granulocytes
  10. Immature granulocyte %
  11. Total Leucocytes Count
  12. Lymphocyte %
  13. Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin(mch)
  14. Mean Corp. Hemo. Con.(MCHC)
  15. Mean Corpuscular Volume
  16. Monocytes
  17. Mean Platelet Volume(MPV)
  18. Neutrophils
  19. Nucleated Red Blood cells
  20. Nucleated Red Blood cells %
  21. Plateletcrit (PCT)
  22. Hematocrit(PCV)
  23. Platelet Distribution width
  24. Platelet to large cell Ratio
  25. Platelet Count
  26. Total RBC
  27. Red cell distribution width
  28. Red cell distribution width-sd

Diabetic Screen (3)

  1. Hba1c
  2. Average Blood Glucose
  3. Fasting Blood Sugar

Diabetic Profile Test

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Diabetic Profile Test Price in Delhi NCR

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