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What Are The Methods of Blood Collection?

Methods of blood collection? 

What to do after blood test Once the test is done, cross-check with a good lab and it proves beneficial to see the doctor. Changes should always be made from a good and reliable lab.

There are some labs for changing samples. Such as microbiology, pathology, and biochemistry, with the help of which the sample is changed. A variety of tests are also done when the patient receives needles repeatedly during the day. So prickling is also felt in the morning or in the middle from 8 am to 9 am. When the sample is tested, it is good. There is no problem with this.

Step1: Patient Identification: First of all it is necessary to identify the patient by noting important things like name and date of birth. This identification is required to generate the report.

Step 2: It’s up to you to decide. How much blood do you have to draw? According to him, you will need these things to get a blood sample, you will need to get it checked, looking at the same test list, you will need a test tube.

Step 3: Then you have to attach the syringe to the needle and you also need to check the airspace of the syringe.

Step 4: Put on the Tourniquet – Now the first thing you have to do is to tie it in the patient’s hand. For this you tie the elbow joint of the tourniquet just above and ask the patient to close his fist, by doing this blood comes over the veins. If it comes in and our vein swells, it becomes easier for you to take blood.

Step 5: Now you have to take the spirit cotton. Then take the cotton and clean the skin from the protruding vein from which you want to take blood.

Now how can we see the report of blood tests online?

You can book blood tests online in Shahdara Delhi. And now you can also check its report online. Now you will not need to stand in line for hours to get a blood test report anywhere, now sitting at home through a web portal. By doing this you can view your report. Apart from this, when is the duty of the doctor? Now you will also be able to view it through a web portal, now health department has joined the research study of every manual. Hospital-related work to prepare the software so that the software can be prepared at the earliest.

You will also get these benefits.

  • Which OPD is in which doctor, you will also know.
  • You will be able to ask for the right time for your treatment.
  • You can see all this when the equipment got damaged in the hospital.
  • You can also see what facilities are available in the hospital.
  • How can we understand the blood test report?

Doctors often call when the condition worsens. That you have to get a blood test done, we do a blood test. But when our report comes. So we do not understand that the report shows that the result of our report is correct. We do not understand the report. Or not because of the language which is written in the report. It is very difficult to read it in one go. And what is written in the report? It becomes difficult to guess. And only the doctor can tell its exact result. We should know some general things about the report, so let’s understand some general things about it.

  • The CBC test shows the number of red blood cells and white blood cells in your blood.
  • Hemoglobin is found in red blood cells. Due to this, your body gets oxygen. And white blood cells are part of your body’s immune system. And the virus WBC present in your body works to eliminate the fungus from your body.
  • If your CBC report shows a low hemoglobin count. So it would show a value of less than 8, and a high RBC count could also be at risk. And this can lead to bone marrow disease and low hemoglobin. May also be a sign of anemia.

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Types of Fever?

Four Types of Fever: Do you The Types Of Fever:  Fever mostly spreads and increases due to germs in our body. In some infections, when white cells collide with our blood, a fever-like substance is formed. Nowadays, different types of fever are also failing and fever has become common. And it has become a common health problem.

However, the fever usually comes on for a limited time. But barring some serious diseases, sometimes the problem of fever also becomes a more spreading problem like malaria, dengue, flu, etc.

Four Types of fever 

Whenever you have a fever you need to check your fever with a thermometer. And the fever is also measured on the basis of nature. Fever is also divided into some parts. Fever is estimated as low, moderate, or high depending on the temperature of the fever. 

For example, 11 to 100 is considered a low fever. A range of 100 to 103 is considered moderate. And more than 103 is considered very fast. It is measured at its base by placing a thermometer next to it. Suppose you put the thermometer in your mouth instead of chucking it. So it will show you a higher degree. 

Viral fever duration keeps getting shorter and longer. Sometimes it gets better in 4 to 5 days. And sometimes it takes people in the grip of 10 to 12 days.

 (Intermittent fever)

  1. First types of fever: your body temperature remains at 37 degrees. But at night your body temperature starts increasing. Bacteria cause this types of fever. Like malaria, septicemia is seen. Because of fevers like these, the body weight starts growing. Then tiredness and headache become common.
  1. sudden fever: If there is a sudden high fever, then it is also considered the cause of dengue. This fever also causes fatigue, headache, and body aches.
  1. Continuously fever: This fever lasts for a long time. On this day you will see a lot of changes in the body. Or maybe nothing was found. The cause of its fever can be pneumonia or thyroid in a way.
  1.  Remittent fever: In remittent fever, the body temperature rises very much. This fever should be persistent. Then it can be pneumonia or typhoid. Yet this types of fever keep the body temperature one degree higher throughout the day and night.

Fever is not a disease. Rather it shows. That your body is a different kind of disease. However, fever comes with other diseases. And here are some symptoms of fever.

  • sweating profusely
  •  getting too cold
  • persistent body aches
  • Headache
  • muscle strain complaint
  • not feeling hungry
  • feeling weak or tired
  • irritability

Some home treatments for viral fever.

  • In fever, you should avoid bathing with cold and very hot water. You can take a bath with lukewarm water.
  • Avoid eating cold food or drinking cold water. This will help bring down your fever.
  • Feeling more tired in fever. This puts you at risk of becoming dehydrated. To avoid this, drink more and more water, which reduces the risk of dehydration.
  • If you have a fever, you should abstain from outside food. And also avoid junk food, to win, eat home food.
  • If you have a fever, you should definitely contact your doctor. This can happen as well. That you have to get a blood test done because fever is caused by your body. If possible, get a blood test done A blood test can be done at home in Delhi here. 

Conclusion: If you have a fever. And you want to have a blood test. So you too can get a blood test done from our lab. Our company keeps on giving new offers from time to time. And if you want a Blood Test Caravan In (Blood Test Home Service in Delhi) And if you have any questions then you can also contact our experts. So by booking a slot on our website (Blood Test Home Service in Delhi) you can avail the facility sitting at home. We have the fastest Home collection service in Delhi and also get the best price. Also, you can find us as a blood test service home collection near you.

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Blood Test service In Delhi home collection

What Are The Main Symptoms of Typhoid?

Main Symptoms of Typhoid: Typhoid is a very serious disease. Which makes our body thin and weak. A bacteria cause it. It is spread in our body due to Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi bacteria. Bacteria enter our stomachs through our food and drink. And the cause of these bacteria is typhoid. To make our body lean and to make our body weak. The symptoms of typhoid are many. Which we will know about in the next article.

Typhoid is associated with bacteria found in contaminated water or the food we eat or drink. People with tuberculosis can contaminate the surrounding water with the germs of their disease. Then the signs and symptoms of typhoid fail because of these people. Some signs start appearing in the logo. As they start seeing high fever and headaches and pain in the body going forward.

Because very high-speed insects are found in it.

The typhoid-like illness lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. The duration of typhoid warming also lasts for at least 1 or 2 weeks. If you are undergoing (typhoid treatment) then whatever advice is given to you by the doctor, follow that advice also. There is some headache. 

 Typhoid Symptoms

  • high fever
  • body pain
  • Sick
  • stomach ache
  • cough
  • constipation and diarrhea
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • starts sweating

If it is treated on time, it can be eradicated in 3 to 5 days. Is. Many people also complain of pain in the army. Typhoid  Symptoms return in a week or two in about 10% of people. People who are treated with anti-septic drugs. It is common for those people to see typhoid symptoms again.

If typhoid is not treated on time. Typhoid symptoms start increasing. And it can bring serious diseases to the health of our body. There are some actions you need to follow to prevent typhoid so that you can feel the improvement in your typhoid.

Treatment of Typhoid

Vaccination) 2 vaccines are given to improve typhoid.

Eat diet food) at home and eat only properly cooked food. And make sure that the food you are eating. That should be enough to destroy the insects by any means. Eat as nutritious as possible. And make a habit of eating boiled food. Drink filtered water, and drink boiled water, avoid drinking it until the water boils. Wash everything thoroughly and eat it.

Diagnosis Typhoid 

If you have such symptoms. That can be typhoid by showing the doctor. So they may ask you to do some tests. Salmonella typhi is your body. To find out if you need to test or not. You may be advised to have some tests like stool, urine culture, or bone marrow test. The bone marrow culture test is considered the most successful test for detecting typhoid bacteria. To detect typhoid bacteria. The doctor may also tell you some other tests. Which you will have to get done so that you can know how your condition is right now.

Be sure to get a blood test done. Consult with my doctor about what type of blood test I will need. Get that type of blood test done. This will let you know what your condition is. Now (Blood tests in Delhi NCR) can also be done. A blood test becomes very important when there is a condition like this.

Cleanliness) Take care of cleanliness in your house. Because only cleanliness can increase our disease. and can bring about improvement.

Conclusion: A blood test has become a very important violence in today’s world. Of our life Because for most diseases, you have to get a blood test done. And if you look at the busy life of today, then no one is so empty. So that someone can get tested for his illness. But in this busy life, you don’t need to go anywhere. You will get the benefit of (Blood Testing Service in Delhi) sitting at home. Our (Blood Test Service in Delhi) also provides you with all this test fasciitis. At home. That too is the lowest price and if you want to get a blood test done, then you do not need to go anywhere, you can book a slot in two minutes by visiting our website.

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Oxandrolona – Wikipedia


Oxandrolona, Vendido bajo las marcas Oxandrina y Anavar, Entre otros, es un medicamento de andrógenos y esteroides anabólicos (AA) que se utiliza para ayudar a promover el aumento de peso en diversas situaciones, para ayudar a compensar el catabolismo de proteínas causado por la terapia de corticosteroides a largo plazo, para apoyar la recuperación de quemaduras severas, para tratar el dolor óseo asociado con osteoporosis, para ayudar en el desarrollo de niñas con síndrome de Turner y para otras indicaciones. [4] [5] [6] Se toma por vía oral. [4]


La droga deportiva oxandrolona se puede comprar online de forma segura y legal para deportistas


Los efectos secundarios de la oxandrolona incluyen síntomas de masculinización como el acné, el aumento del crecimiento del cabello, los cambios de voz y el mayor deseo sexual. [4] El fármaco es un andrógeno sintético y esteroide anabólico, por lo tanto, es un agonista del receptor de andrógenos (AR), el objetivo biológico de andrógenos como la testosterona y la dihidrotestosterona. [4] [7] Tiene fuertes efectos anabólicos y efectos androgénicos débiles, lo que le dan un perfil de efecto secundario leve y lo hacen especialmente adecuado para su uso en mujeres. [4]

Oxandrolone se describió por primera vez en 1962 y se introdujo para uso médico en 1964. [4] Se usa principalmente en los Estados Unidos. [4] [8] Además de su uso médico, la oxandrolona se usa para mejorar el físico y el rendimiento. [4] [9] El medicamento es una sustancia controlada en muchos países, por lo que el uso no médico es generalmente ilícito. [4] [10] [11] [12]


  • 1 usos médicos
  • 2 usos no médicos
  • 3 contraindicaciones
  • 4 efectos secundarios
  • 5 interacciones
  • 6 farmacología
    • 6.1 farmacodinámica
    • 6.2 farmacocinética
    • 9.1 nombres genéricos
    • 9.2 marcas
    • 9.3 disponibilidad
      • 9.3.1 Estados Unidos
      • 9.3.Otros 2 países

      Oxandrolona ha sido investigada y prescrita como tratamiento para una amplia variedad de afecciones. Está aprobado por la FDA para tratar el dolor óseo asociado con la osteoporosis, ayudar al aumento de peso después de la cirugía o el trauma físico, durante la infección crónica o en el contexto de la pérdida de peso inexplicable, y contrarrestar el efecto catabólico de la terapia de corticosteroides a largo plazo. [13] [14] A partir de 2016 [actualización], a menudo se le prescribe la etiqueta de la etiqueta para acelerar la recuperación de quemaduras severas, ayudar al desarrollo de niñas con síndrome de Turner y contrarrestar el desgaste inducido por el VIH/SIDA. La oxandrolona mejora los resultados a corto y largo plazo en las personas que se recuperan de quemaduras severas y está bien establecido como un tratamiento seguro para esta indicación. [5] [6] También se usa en el tratamiento de la estatura corta idiopática, la anemia, el angioedema hereditario, la hepatitis alcohólica e hipogonadismo. [15] [16]

      La investigación médica ha establecido la efectividad de la oxandrolona para ayudar al desarrollo de niñas con síndrome de Turner. Aunque la oxandrolona se ha utilizado durante mucho tiempo para acelerar el crecimiento en niños con estatura corta idiopática, es poco probable que aumente la altura de los adultos y, en algunos casos, puede incluso disminuirlo [ Cita necesaria ] . La oxandrolona, ​​por lo tanto, ha sido reemplazada en gran medida por la hormona del crecimiento para este uso. [17] Sin embargo, una revisión sistemática de 2019 que compara los efectos de agregar oxandrolona al tratamiento de la hormona del crecimiento con la hormona de crecimiento solo ha encontrado evidencia de calidad moderada de que la adición de oxandrolona conduce a un aumento en la altura final de las niñas con el síndrome de Turner y baja La evidencia de calidad no mostró un aumento en los efectos adversos. [18] Cuando la misma revisión evaluó los efectos de agregar oxandrolona al tratamiento hormonal del crecimiento en el habla, la cognición y el estado psicológico, los resultados no fueron concluyentes debido a evidencia de calidad muy baja. [18] Los niños con estatura corta idiopática o síndrome de Turner reciben dosis de oxandrolona mucho más pequeñas que las que se administran a las personas con quemaduras para minimizar la probabilidad de virilización y maduración prematura. [17] [19]

      Muchos culturistas y atletas usan oxandrolona ilícitamente para sus efectos de construcción muscular. [4] Es mucho más anabólico que androgénico, por lo que las mujeres y las que buscan regímenes de esteroides menos intensos lo usan particularmente a menudo. [4] Muchos también valoran la baja hepatotoxicidad de la oxandrolona en relación con la mayoría de los otros AASS activos oralmente activos. [4]

      Al igual que otras AASS, la oxandrolona puede empeorar la hipercalcemia al aumentar la resorción ósea osteolítica. [13] Cuando las mujeres embarazadas, la oxandrolona pueden tener efectos no intencionados como la masculinización en el feto. [13]

      Las mujeres a las que se les administra oxandrolona puede experimentar virilización, desarrollo irreversible de características masculinas como la profundización de la voz, el hirsutismo, las anomalías de la menstruación, la pérdida de cabello del patrón masculino y el agrandamiento del clítoris. [17] [13] [19] La oxandrolona puede interrumpir el crecimiento en los niños, reduciendo la altura de su adulto. [20] [ mejor fuente necesaria ] Debido a estos efectos secundarios, las dosis administradas a las mujeres y los niños se minimizan y las personas generalmente son monitoreadas por la virilización y las anormalidades del crecimiento. [17] [19] Al igual que otros andrógenos, la oxandrolona puede causar o empeorar el acné y el priapismo (erecciones no deseadas o prolongadas). [13] [20] La oxandrolona también puede reducir la fertilidad de los hombres, otro efecto secundario común entre los andrógenos. [20] En un intento de compensar el aumento exógeno de los andrógenos, el cuerpo puede reducir la producción de testosterona a través de la atrofia testicular y la inhibición de la actividad gonadotrópica. [13]

      A diferencia de algunas AASS, la oxandrolona generalmente no causa ginecomastia porque no se aromatiza en metabolitos estrogénicos. [21] Sin embargo, aunque no se hicieron informes de ginecomastia a pesar de un uso generalizado, se informó que la oxandrolona en una publicación en 1991 se asoció con 33 casos de ginecomastia en adolescentes tratados con ella para una estatura corta. [22] [23] La ginecomastia se desarrolló durante la terapia con oxandrolona en 19 de los niños y después de que la terapia se completó en 14 de los niños, y 10 de los niños tenían ginecomastia transitoria, mientras que 23 tenían ginecomastia persistente que requería mastectomía. [22] [23] Aunque la ginecomastia transitoria es una ocurrencia natural y común en los niños pubertales, la ginecomastia asociada con la oxandrolona era de un inicio tardío/retrasado y era persistente en un alto porcentaje de los casos de casos. [22] [23] Como tal, los investigadores declararon: “Aunque la oxandrolona no puede implicarse como estimulante [en] ginecomastia”, se debe considerar una posible relación en los médicos que usan oxandrolona en adolescentes para la estimulación del crecimiento. [22] [23]

      Entre la Aass de 17α-alquilada, la oxandrolona muestra poca o ninguna hepatotoxicidad, incluso a altas dosis. [24] No se han atribuido singularmente los casos de hepatotoxicidad severa a la oxandrolona. [24] Sin embargo, se han observado enzimas hepáticas elevadas en algunas personas, particularmente con dosis altas y/o tratamiento prolongado, aunque regresan a los rangos normales después de la interrupción. [24]

      La oxandrolona aumenta enormemente el efecto de grano de sangre de Warfarina, a veces peligrosamente así. [25] En abril de 2004, Savient Pharmaceuticals publicó una alerta de seguridad a través de los profesionales de la salud de advertencia de la FDA de esto. [26] La oxandrolona también puede inhibir el metabolismo de los agentes hipoglucémicos orales. [13] Puede empeorar el edema cuando se toma junto con corticosteroides o hormona adrenocorticotrópica. [13]

      Editar farmacodinámica

      Al igual que otros Aass, la oxandrolona es un agonista del receptor de andrógenos, similar a los andrógenos como la testosterona y el DHT. [4] La afinidad de unión relativa de la oxandrolona para el receptor de andrógenos es aproximadamente 0.3% de la de metribolona. [27] La ​​activación del receptor de andrógenos estimula la síntesis de proteínas, que aumenta el crecimiento muscular, la masa corporal magra y la densidad mineral ósea. [6]

      En comparación con la testosterona y muchas otras AASS, la oxandrolona es menos androgénica en relación con su fuerza como anabólico. [4] [28] La oxandrolona tiene alrededor del 322 a 633% de la potencia anabólica y el 24% de la potencia androgénica de metiltestosterona. [4] De manera similar, la oxandrolona tiene hasta 6 veces la potencia anabólica de la testosterona y ha reducido significativamente la potencia androgénica en comparación. [4] La relación reducida de actividad anabólica a androgénica de oxandrolona a menudo motiva su uso médico en niños y mujeres porque menos efecto androgénico implica menos riesgo de virilización. [4] La comunidad de culturismo también considera este hecho al elegir entre AASS. [4]

      Como la oxandrolona ya se reduce a 5α, no es un sustrato para 5α-reductasa, por lo tanto, no se potencia en tejidos androgénicos como la piel, los folículos pilosos y la glándula prostática. [4] Esto está involucrado en su relación reducida de actividad anabólica a androgénica. [4] Debido a la sustitución de uno de los átomos de carbono con un átomo de oxígeno en la posición de C2 en el anillo A, la oxandrolona es resistente a la inactivación por la 3α-hidroxisteroide deshidrogenasa en el músculo esquelético. [4] Esto contrasta con DHT, y se cree que subyace a la potencia anabólica preservada con oxandrolona. [4] Debido a que se reduce 5α, la oxandrolona no es un sustrato para la aromatasa, por lo tanto, no se puede aromatizar en metabolitos con actividad estrogénica. [4] La oxandrolona no posee ninguna actividad progestogénica. [4]

      La oxandrolona es, exclusivamente, mucho menos hepatotóxica que otras AAS de 17α-alquiladas, lo que puede deberse a diferencias en el metabolismo. [24] [4] [3] [2]

      Pharmacokinetics Editar

      La biodisponibilidad oral de la oxandrolona es del 97%. [1] Su unión a la proteína en plasma es del 94 al 97%. [1] La droga es metabolizada principalmente por los riñones y en menor medida por el hígado. [3] [1] La oxandrolona es la única AAS que no está metabolizada principalmente o ampliamente por el hígado, y se cree que esto está relacionado con su hepatotoxicidad disminuida en relación con otras AASS. [3] [2] Su vida media de eliminación se informa como 9.4 a 10.4 horas, pero se extiende a 13.3 horas en los ancianos. [1] [2] Alrededor del 28% de una dosis oral de oxandrolona se elimina sin cambios en la orina y el 3% se excreta en las heces. [2]

      La oxandrolona es un esteroide androstano sintético y un derivado de 17α-alquilado de DHT. [29] [30] [4] También se conoce como 2-oxa-17α-metil-5α-dihidrotestosterona (2-oxa-17α-metil-DHT) o como 2-oxa-17α-metil-5α-androstan- 17β-ol-3-one, y es DHT con un grupo metilo en la posición C17α y el carbono C2 reemplazado por un átomo de oxígeno. [29] [30] [4] La AASS estrechamente relacionada incluye la AAS mestanolona comercializada (17α-metil-DHT), oximetolona (2-hidroximetileno-17α-metil-DHT) y estanozolol (un anillo 2,3-pirazol A- derivado fusionado de 17α-metil-DHT) y la desoximetiltosterona AAS AAS nunca comercializada/diseñada (3-Deketo-17α-metil-Δ 2 -DHT), metasterona (2α, 17α-dimetil-Dht), metil-1-temperona (( 17α-metil-Δ 1 -DHT) y metilstenbolona (2,17α-dimetil-Δ 1 -DHT). [29] [30] [4]

      La oxandrolona fue hecha por primera vez por Raphael Pappo y Christopher J. Jung mientras está en Searle Laboratories (ahora parte de Pfizer). Los investigadores describieron por primera vez la droga en 1962. [4] [31] [32] Estaban inmediatamente interesados ​​en los efectos androgénicos muy débiles de Oxandrolona en relación con sus efectos anabólicos. [31] [4] Se introdujo como un medicamento farmacéutico en los Estados Unidos en 1964. [4] El medicamento se prescribió para promover el rebrote muscular en los trastornos que causan pérdida de peso involuntaria, y se usa como parte del tratamiento para el VIH/SIDA. [4] También se había demostrado que es parcialmente exitoso en el tratamiento de casos de osteoporosis. [4] Sin embargo, en parte debido a la mala publicidad de su uso ilícito por parte de los culturistas, la producción de Anavar fue descontinuada por Searle Laboratories en 1989. [4] Fue recogido por Bio-Technology General Corporation, que cambió su nombre a Savient Pharmaceuticals, que después de ensayos clínicos exitosos en 1995, lo lanzó bajo la marca Oxandrin. [4] BTG posteriormente ganó aprobaciones para el estado de drogas huérfanas por parte de la Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos para tratar la hepatitis alcohólica, el síndrome de Turner y la pérdida de peso inducida por el VIH. [4] También se indica como un desplazamiento al catabolismo de proteínas causado por la administración a largo plazo de corticosteroides. [4]

      Nombres genéricos editar

      Oxandrolone es el nombre genérico de la droga y su posada, USAN, USP, BAN, DCF, DCIT y Jan, mientras osantrolona es o era anteriormente el dcit . [29] [30] [33] [8] [34]

      Marcas editar

      La marca original de Oxandrolone era Anavar, que se comercializó en los Estados Unidos y los Países Bajos. [4] [35] Este producto finalmente se suspendió y reemplazó en los Estados Unidos con un nuevo producto llamado Oxandrin, que es la única marca restante de Oxandrolona en los Estados Unidos. [4] [36] La oxandrolona también se ha vendido bajo las marcas Antitriol (España), Anatrophill (Francia), Lipidex (Brasil), Lonavar (Argentina, Australia, Italia), Protivar y Vasoroma (Japón), entre otros. [4] [30] [35] [37] Existen marcas adicionales para productos fabricados para el mercado de esteroides negros. [4] Entre aquellos que usan oxandrolona para fines no médicos, a menudo se conoce coloquialmente como “var”, una forma abreviada de la marca Anavar. [38] [39]

      Edición de disponibilidad

      Estados Unidos editar

      Oxandrolone es una de las pocas AASS que permanece disponible para uso médico en los Estados Unidos. [36] Los otros (a noviembre de 2017) son la testosterona, el cipionato de testosterona, el enantato de testosterona, la testosterona undecanoato, la metiltestosterona, la fluoximesterona y la oximetolona. [36]

      Otros países editar

      Fuera de los Estados Unidos, la disponibilidad de oxandrolona es bastante limitada. [4] [8] Con la excepción de Moldavia, ya no está disponible en Europa. [4] La oxandrolona está disponible en algunos mercados menos regulados en Asia, como Malasia. [4] También está disponible en México. [4] Históricamente, la oxandrolona se ha comercializado en Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Francia, Italia, Japón y España, pero parece que ya no está disponible en estos países. [4] [30] [35] [8]

      Estado legal editar

      En los Estados Unidos, la oxandrolona se clasifica como una sustancia controlada por el Anexo III bajo la Ley de Sustancias Controladas junto con muchas otras AASS. [10] Es una sustancia controlada por el Anexo IV en Canadá, [11] y una droga controlada del Anexo 4 en el Reino Unido. [12]

      Doping en la edición deportiva

      La oxandrolona a veces se usa como agente de dopaje en deportes. Se han informado casos de dopaje con oxandrolona por atletas profesionales. [ Cita necesaria ]

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Black Fungus

5 Symptoms Of Black Fungus After Recovering From Covid-19

Humanity is suffering from an unprecedented pandemic outbreak. The second way of corona outbreak is ruining the whole system as well as the lives of many families in our country and throughout the world. In these critical circumstances, when we were hoping for getting things better as it was before, a virus has made its entry. The Black fungus is some kind of mysterious nightmare for our country. If you tested positive for covid-19, then there are high chances the black fungus could affect you. What are the common symptoms of black fungus? And how you can save yourself from this virus we will discuss in this article.

Eye Vision Problem Due To Black Fungus Or 

This is one of the common problems many health experts are finding in black fungus-infected persons. If your eyes are getting red and feeling some sort of burning pain in them. As well as if you are facing vision problems, blurry vision, or double vision then it could be concerning. In such cases, you must go to the doctor and ask for the appropriate checkup. Because this is a major symptom of Mucormycosis or black fungus.

Consistent Pain in Chicks

If you are feeling consistent pain in your chicks then such types of pain are considering as a symptom of black fungus. It might happen if you eat something hard stuff, but there are many patients who are mentioning the same things while they facing with black fungus virus. Again the best solution for such a situation is to go to the doctor as soon as possible. 

Stuffy Nose

You might not have suffered from a stuffy nose in covid-19 sometimes. But in these is the major symptoms of the black fungus virus. A stuffy nose can make you so frustrated sometimes. You can take the stream if you want, but still do not do this without concerning your doctor.

Flowing some blood from your nose

Although other symptoms of black fungus could be a little bit suspensive, blood from your nose without any cause is something problematic. It is found that almost every black fungus-infected person has such a problem. So at that time, you should prefer to go somewhere to your nearest medical shop. And the medicine to cure it as soon as possible. 

Regular unbearable headache

The problem such as headache you always overlook and do not give it too much of your attention until it disturbs you a lot. But if it gets consistently and almost unbearable then again this could be the symptoms of Black fungus. However, you can take some medicine to reduce the pain. But you should not forget to concern with your doctor as soon as possible. 


These are the 5 most common symptoms of black fungus. However, these symptoms are very dangerous for sugar and diabetes patients. It can affect such people a lot, basically, if your immune system is not that good then this disease could be dangerous for you. If you want to cure it at right time then the first step you must take is to visit your doctor. Second, you can visit our website and book a full blood checkup in Delhi

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Coronavirus Symptoms in Humans

Coronavirus Symptoms in Humans

Coronavirus is called also COVID-19 : People may be sick with that Coronavirus for 1 to 14 days before developing symptoms in human body. The most common symptoms of (COVID-19) disease are fever in starting, tiredness, and dry cough. Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment.

More rarely, coronavirus symptoms in humans all disease can be serious and even fatal. Older people, and people with other medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or heart disease, may be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill.

Cover your nose. 

People may experience:

  1. cough
  2. fever
  3. tiredness
  4. difficulty breathing (severe cases)

COVID‑19 alert

Stay at home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority. Source: World Health Organization

Coronavirus Symptoms : Follow these instruction and save you and your family.

Top 8 Health Tips To Stay Fit

Top 8 Health Tips to Stay Fit

Stay Fit with Healthy Tips:


Basically, Everyone wants to stay fit. So, you also want to stay fit and healthy. There are some healthy tips to stay fit. If you use those fitness tips in your life then you can live a healthy life and you can stay fit. 


  1. Get Outside and Gym:


If you want to stay fit then you have to wake up early. Go for a walk and run with your loved one or you can also go alone. Sometimes get a bit more competition and get your family or friend and play some football or something else. Do this every weekend this will give you more energy and also this is healthy for your health.

Use these body fitness tips to live a healthy life and to stay fit. Exercise is very important so if you still didn’t join the gym then join it right now. If you don’t have time to go to the gym. No problem there is some exercise that you can do at home circuit workout, Tabata training. This will take just 20 min and also you can do it at home. Go and get some fitness equipment for home exercise. 


  1. Do Some Work and Bust a Move:


Every activity can burn more calories than you even think. Like tiding family room. So, do some homework like offer to do the dishes or Swiffer the floor. This is not to lend a hand. This is for you to get moving. 

There is nothing can bring the family together only a dance party can do it. So, gather your family or a group of your friends and turn up the tune, and get the blood flowing. This will help you to digest all the stuffing too.


  1. Breakfast and More Water:


Get good food and good health tips to make a healthy life. If you skip your breakfast in order to save more appetite for dinner. So this is not a good idea. Don’t break your fast till the afternoon may lead to binging later on. Eat even four serving of mashed potatoes. Breakfast effects on your appetite and also breakfast gives you energy. 

But make sure to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. If you don’t drink H20 enough then it could spark hunger pangs, Which may actually be thirst. 


  1. Use Small plates and Chew slowly:


Use small plates to eat the food. This will help you to eat 22% fewer calories. But if you eat in a big plate then the bigger plate may be licked clean. Even if we are not hungry. So eat on a small plate.

Is it really matter how fast you eat food, research shows that a quick eater consumes three ounces of food per minute. But slow eater consumes only two ounces. Chewings slowly means to consume fewer calories. So, be cool when you eat dinner food and chew slowly. 


  1. Dangerfood and Dessert:


Always keep in mind that all food is not right to eat. So be aware of that food that looks healthy but they are not healthy as they seem. Like Gratins, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce have some hidden sneaky ingredients that high in fat and sugar. 

On holiday you can eat certain food but not too much. Just try to enjoy the holiday with everything including food. So don’t hesitate to eat the food that you want but in the limit. Go and get some slice of pie or try one of the best dessert recipes instead of going cold turkey at the dessert table. 

  1. Liquid Calories and Get Enough Sleep:


Unfortunately, Alcohol also carried the calories. So be careful when you drink any kind of alcohol. So, go easy on the booze and stick to healthier like a vodka soda and bloody mary to avoid excess sugar. 

To get healthy fitness you have got enough sleep. Make sure that you got 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Enough sleep helps you to stay healthy. If you didn’t get enough sleep then you have to go to your doctor and ask them why don’t you get enough sleep. But if want to know that what is going in your body that do full body checkup blood test in every 2 or 3 months. That will help you to know that is the problem. 


  1. Inhale, Exhale and Track your Food:


If you doing any kind of work that will give you some stress like room cleaning or pre the turkey while playing with other kids. So if you stress because of these then you have to take 8 to 10 deep breaths and try some breathing exercises that will relax you. 

If you want to know how much calories you consume every day. Then track your food in a journal that helps you to know how much you are consuming. That will keep you in control of how much and what are you actually eating. 


  1. Meditate and Enjoy your day:


If there is a problem with spending too much time with your family and unable to eat a lot of food. We know what you have to do, Meditation can help to get your stress level low. All you need is a few silent minutes and a silent corner. 


Health Tips and Fitness Tips:


At the end of the day, you should be enjoyed with your loved one. Don’t stress about enjoying some good food with an even better company.

Use these good health tips to make your life healthy. But if you are not sure about anything then go to your family doctor and take some health care tips from them. These are not only healthy tips for men but these are also for healthy tips for women. 

Those body fitness tips help you in life to make a healthy lifestyle. Healthy tips are not only you can do best you can also use fitness equipment to do exercise at home. But keep in mind that after getting healthy fitness don’t lose health care tips. Do as well as you did them before. 

These health tips which we provide at up those will really effective for everyone. Don’t think that these are only healthy tips for men. No, don’t think that these tips are also healthy tips for women. 

East Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

East Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Live a Healthy Lifestyle:


If you also want to live a healthy lifestyle. Because everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle. You can a healthy lifestyle by doing changes in your diet, exercise, and stress management. We are here to help you to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some easy ways to live a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Always Think Positive and Focus:


Research shows that a healthy positive attitude helps us to build a healthier immune system and boost our health. So your body believes what you think so always think positive.


  1. Eat More Food Vegetables:


First of all, you have to eat all kinds of vegetables. You have to eat 5 types of vegetables in a day – Raw, Steamed and Stir-fried. If you will eat vegetables daily then you will live free of cancer.

Because vegetables reduce the risk of developing cancer of the lung, colon, breast, cervix, esophagus, stomach, bladder, pancreas, and ovaries. And there are many powerful phytonutrients with the boldest color like broccoli, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, grapes, and leafy greens.

If you want to keep your both metabolism and your energy levels steadily elevated. then we have an idea for this if you will eat “5 Meal a day” then this will help you to manage your energy level and give you all day energy. And also this will help you to manage your weight, keep you calm, and help you to manage your focus.


  1. Exercise daily:


First, let me tell you what is the advantage of daily exercise. Daily exercise will reduce all of the biomarkers of aging. And also this will improve your eyesight, normalizing your blood pressure, improving lean muscle, lowering cholesterol, and improving bone density.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Then you have to do daily exercise. The study also says that 10 minutes of exercise makes a big difference in your body. So, keep exercising daily, like dancing, walk in the park with your kids or neighbor, jump rope or play hopscotch.


  1. Get a Good Sleep:


To live a healthy lifestyle you have to get a good sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, then you have to try some relaxation like meditation and yoga. Also, eat some bedtime snakes like whole grain cereal with milk, oatmeal, cherries, or chamomile tea.

This will help your body to shift and mind into sleeping mode. Make your room darken more and take your clock from your room. Your clock will disturb you. If you are worried about anything at night then write down your worries or stressful thoughts to get them all out of your head. If you are not worrying then it will help you to take a good sleep.


  1. Get satisfaction with eating and Exercise:


Both activities are fun eating and physical. Keep in mind that whenever you will do those activities do as much as you want. Get satisfied with activities always aim for pleasure not to pain. Recognize your hunger, fulfill your hunger and get satisfied with your food by choosing yourself and how much you want to eat.


  1. Think Small and Get Good Company:


If you think too much then you have to start thinking short. The biggest deterrent to improving health is thinking too much and feeling overwhelmed. Change your all unhealthy habits into healthy habits.

First, you have to start changing your small habits. Because if you will start from big then this will your painful change It is good to start from a small one and it will help you to add more healthy habits.

It is easy to do all the right things. But there are some people with some unhealthy habits and you have a personal relationship with them. Then this not good a all.

Get your family and friends involved with you when you walk in the park and plan a healthier diet.


  1. Do Weekend Activities:


If you want a healthier life then you have to go out every weekend. And do weekend activities like mini-vacation. This will help you to recharge your mind and body. The weekend should not expensive but to be effective.

The important thing is to do something new and have to change something. And you have to get out for a hike to get some fresh air, get some exercise and also some social interaction.

But keep in mind that if you get some problems. Then meet your family doctor and ask them what is the problem. And if you don’t want to go to your family doctor. Then you can still check what is going in your body. To know that do full body checkup blood test.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy at an old age?

How to Stay Fit and Healthy at an old age?

Stay Fit and Healthy in Old Age.

Everyone thinks about it that how to be fit and healthy in old age. In old age, everyone slew of medicine and lives a poor life. But that doesn’t mean that everyone should have to live that kind of life. You can live a better life. If you’ll care about life and think about what’s going on with your body. When we get older our body gets changes, both positive and negative.

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy, but to stay fit and stay healthy we have to do something about our fitness. But don’t worry there is a chance to enjoy your life if you take a step to maintain your body. Many different things happened in the body at an old age. Like Skin, bones and also the brain may start to behave differently.


Here are Some Common Ones:


Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy in old age. But that not easy to stay fit and healthy. To stay fit we have to do so many things to maintain our body and stay healthy. But keep in mind that there are too many problems we have to face in old age. To know about what is the problem in your body then you have to do regular full body checkup blood test. Here are some common tips to stay fit and healthy.


  1. Bones – Basically, When we get older our bones get thinner and more brittle at old age. Thinner bones and decreasing bone mass can put at risk. Whenever you fall the result will be the broken bones. So, Talk to your physician about what you can do about osteoporosis and falls. Fragile bones condition called osteoporosis.


  1. Heart – When we get old our heart rate gets lower and the walls of our heart also get thicker. So, we have to get a healthy diet and regular exercise to keep our heart healthy.


  1. Brain and nervous system – Getting older will changes our reflection and even our senses. Dementia is not a normal consequence in old age. But it is common in old age to experience some slight forgetfulness as we get older. The cell and nerve system can be damaged by the formation of plaques and tangles, Even the abnormality can lead to dementia.


  1. Digestive System – As old age, Our digestive system becomes more firm and rigid, and doesn’t contract as often. That changes can give a lot of problems. Likes, stomach pain,  Feeling of nausea and constipation. But if you don’t want to get all these problems then you have to plan a better diet. Only a better diet plan can help in this situation.


  1. Senses – In old age, You can easily notice that your vision and your hearing aren’t quite sharp as they were. You will start losing your sense of taste. Flavors will not seem different to you. Your touches and sense of smell also get weaker. Your body will take a long time to react and need more to stimulate it.


  1. Skin – Getting older also effects on our skin. Our skin will start losing its elasticity and start to sag and wrinkle. However, You will protect your skin from sun damage and smoking at a young age, the better your skin will look as you get older.  So start protecting your skin now to prevent further damage, as well as skin cancer.


To get fit and healthy living you have to follow this step that I mention in the upper case. But keep in mind that there are many body changes that are a natural part of age. But you don’t have to slow them down. There are a lot of things that you can do to protect your body and keep stay as healthy as possible.


Key to get well Health:


How to stay healthy that the first question that comes in our mind when we get old. First of all, Maintained physical health is important to get healthier again. To get Healthier again you have adopted some good habits. But you never get late to adopt good care about yourself when you get older.

So why don’t you adopt good care of yourself now? Why are you waiting to get older? Start adopting good habits from now and make a good and healthier body for the future. But the real question is how to stay fit always that’s question’s answer is here right down.


Some Tips to Stay Fit Always.


  1. Do a physical activity with regular exercise
  2. Stay socially active with your friends and family and with your community.
  3. Make a healthy diet plan and follow it, eat healthy food. Don’t eat junk food.
  4. Don’t delay yourself your regular checkup with your doctor, Dentist, but the more important is an optometrist.
  5. Take all medications as directed by your doctor.
  6. Most importantly Quite smoking and drinking.
  7. Take proper sleep that your body needs.

What is liver function test?

Liver function tests help determine the health of your liver by measuring the levels of proteins, liver enzymes, or bilirubin in your blood.

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A liver function test is often given in the following situations:

  • to screen for liver infections, such as hepatitis C
  • to monitor the side effects of certain medications known to affect the liver
  • if you already have a liver disease, to monitor the disease and how well a particular treatment is working
  • to measure the degree of scarring (cirrhosis) on the liver
  • if you’re experiencing the symptoms of a liver disorder
  • if you’re planning on becoming pregnant

Many tests can be performed on the liver, but most of them don’t measure the overall function of the liver. Commonly used tests to check liver function are the alanine transaminase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), albumin, and bilirubin tests. The ALT and AST tests measure enzymes that your liver releases in response to damage or disease. The albumin and bilirubin tests measure how well the liver creates albumin, a protein, and how well it disposes of bilirubin, a waste product of the blood.

Having abnormal results on any of the liver function tests doesn’t necessarily mean you have liver disease or damage. Talk to your doctor about the results of your liver function test.

What are the most common liver function tests?

Liver function tests are used to measure specific enzymes and proteins in your blood. Depending on the test, either higher- or lower-than-normal levels of these enzymes or proteins can indicate a problem with your liver.

Some common liver function tests include:

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Alanine transaminase (ALT) test

Alanine transaminase (ALT) is used by your body to metabolize protein. If the liver is damaged or not functioning properly, ALT is released into the blood. This causes ALT levels to increase. A high result on this test can be a sign of liver damage. The normal range for ALT is 7–55 units per liter (U/L), according to the Mayo Clinic. Low ALT is not indicative of any health issues.

Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) test

Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) is an enzyme found in several parts of your body, including the heart, liver, and muscles. Since AST levels aren’t specific for liver damage, it’s usually measured together with ALT to check for liver problems. Your doctor may use an ALT-to-AST ratio to help with their diagnosis. When the liver is damaged, AST is released into the bloodstream. A high result on an AST test might indicate a problem with the liver or muscles. The normal range for AST is 8–48 U/L. Low AST is not indicative of any health issues.

Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) test

Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is an enzyme found in your bones, bile ducts, and liver. An ALP test is typically ordered in combination with several other tests. High levels of ALP may indicate liver damage, blockage of the bile ducts, or a bone disease.

Children and adolescents may have elevated levels of ALP because their bones are growing. Pregnancy can also raise ALP levels. The normal range for ALP is 45–115 U/L.

Low levels of ALP can occur following a blood transfusion or heart bypass surgery. Low ALP can also result from a variety of conditions, including zinc deficiency, malnutrition, and Wilson disease.

Albumin test

Albumin is the main protein made by your liver. It performs many important bodily functions. For example, albumin:

  • stops fluid from leaking out of your blood vessels
  • nourishes your tissues
  • transports hormones, vitamins, and other substances throughout your body

An albumin test measures how well your liver is making this particular protein. A low result on this test indicates that your liver isn’t functioning properly. The normal range for albumin is 3.5–5.0 grams per deciliter (g/dL).

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Bilirubin test

Bilirubin is a waste product from breakdown of red blood cells. It’s ordinarily processed by the liver. It passes through the liver before being excreted through your stool.

A damaged liver can’t properly process bilirubin. This leads to an abnormally high level of bilirubin in the blood. A high result on the bilirubin test indicates that the liver isn’t functioning properly. The normal range for bilirubin is 0.1–1.2 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).

Why do I need a liver function test?

Liver tests can help determine if your liver is working correctly. The liver performs a number of vital bodily functions, such as:

  • removing contaminants from your blood
  • converting nutrients from the foods you eat
  • storing minerals and vitamins
  • regulating
  • producing proteins, enzymes, and bile
  • making factors that fight infection
  • removing bacteria from your blood
  • processing substances that could harm your body
  • maintaining hormone balances

Problems with the liver can make a person very sick and can even be life-threatening.

What are the symptoms of a liver disorder?

Symptoms of a liver disorder include:

  • weakness
  • fatigueor loss of energy
  • weight loss
  • jaundice(yellow skin and eyes)
  • symptoms of nephritic syndrome(swelling around the eyes, belly, and legs)
  • discolored bodily discharge (dark urineor light stools)
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal pain

Your doctor may order a liver function test if you’re experiencing symptoms of a liver disorder or even if you’re planning to become pregnant. The different liver function tests can also check for infection, monitor the progression or treatment of a disease, and test for the side effects of certain medications.

How to prepare for a liver function test

Your doctor will give you complete instructions on how to prepare for the blood sample portion of the test. Certain medications and foods may affect levels of these enzymes and proteins in your blood. Your doctor may ask you to avoid some types of medications, or they may ask you to avoid eating anything for a period of time before the test.

You may want to wear a shirt with sleeves that can easily be rolled up to make it easier to collect the blood sample.


How a liver function test is performed

You may have your blood drawn in a hospital or at a specialized testing facility. To administer the test:

  1. The healthcare provider will clean your skin before the test to prevent any microorganisms on your skin from contaminating the test.
  2. They’ll likely wrap a cuff or some sort of pressure device on your arm. This will help your veins become more visible. They will use a needle to draw several samples of blood from your arm.
  3. After the draw, the healthcare provider will place some gauze and a bandage over the puncture site. Then they will send the blood sample to a laboratory for testing.

The risks of a liver function test

Blood draws are routine procedures and rarely cause any serious side effects. However, the risks of giving a blood sample include:

  • bleeding under the skin, or hematoma
  • excessive bleeding
  • fainting
  • infection

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After a liver function test

After the test, you can usually leave and go about your life as usual. However, if you feel faint or lightheaded during the blood draw, you should rest before you leave the testing facility.

The results of these tests may not tell your doctor exactly which condition you have or the degree of any liver damage, but they might help your doctor determine the next steps. Your doctor will call you with the results or discuss them with you at a follow-up appointment.

In general, if your results indicate a problem with your liver function, your physician will review your medications and your past medical history to help determine the cause. If you’re a heavy drinker of alcohol, then you’ll need to stop drinking. If your doctor identifies that a medication is causing the elevated liver enzymes, then they will advise you to stop the medication.

Your doctor may decide to test you for hepatitis. They may also choose to do imaging, like an ultrasound or CT scan, to evaluate the liver for fibrosis or fatty liver disease

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