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What Is Liver Function

Do you know anything about liver function? And if you want to get information about the functions of the liver, then you have come to the right article, here I will tell you about liver function. The action of the liver will tell about the digestive system. In this, I will also tell about the liver function test normal range. I will try to tell about complete liver function in this article. By reading this article you will not need to read other articles. Let’s start with this liver function.

Diseases have become a part of our life, everyone has got some disease or the other, not now but later our process of getting sick and healthy continues. It takes time, but it is most important in the disease that we get our body examined, if we ignore any disease then it can be fatal for us. Which requires liver function etc.

Doctors tell us that the liver is the most important part of our body, if there is any poisonous thing in our body then a liver test plays an important role in removing it. This test also takes care of our liver,

So this liver test in the body becomes even more important for our body. This test is done by mixing some tests and when diseases arise, changes also start coming. This is a very important exam for us.

We do not know how many germs are in our blood, due to which we often fall ill. Unless we do our blood test or body checkup properly until we come to know about our disease. We should go to a lab and get our blood tested. Best Blood Testing Services in Model Town We Have the Best Service for You Near Your Home in Model Town Delhi

Digestive system

It is part of the human body and if it gets damaged or trouble starts in the future, then it is also a part of it. Our stomach gets upset due to our slight carelessness of food and drink, it is expected that our digestive system also changes with age, there are some plans that you should make a part of your daily routine. So along with our health, our liver will also be healthy. Liver function test results can be very good if you make this step a routine in your daily life.

  • Beetroot: Such foods are also very slow, for the function of our liver, Beetroot, which produces hemoglobin in the blood, is considered a treasure of goons, it protects you from many diseases and also strengthens our liver. Is. makes. If you include it in your diet then you get many benefits.
  • Turmeric: It acts as a color and flavor in our food, it contains a lot of nutrients, if you include it regularly in your diet, then your liver will also benefit a lot.
  • Ginger: Increases liver function, several studies have also shown that ginger benefits the liver greatly, and it has a wealth of antioxidants.
  • Lemon: Many times we overeat food, doctors recommend that you consume lemonade at that time. Lemon has proved to be very helpful in keeping our digestive system right.
  • Kalonji oil is also very beneficial for our liver, it also acts as an antioxidant, and it also increases the immunity of our body, by using this oil, metals like liver, and lead come out of the body. 

Types digestive system

Digestion goes something like this: Our bodies have three types of glands: teeth, tongue, and salivary teeth that cut our food into smaller pieces so that it is easier to digest and we have more intestines in our stomachs. No matter how teeth help us to chew and grind our food, teeth help to improve our physical digestion. Digestion is also the only way by which we can improve our liver function.

 A type of enzyme is found in our saliva, which is called salivary amylase, the digestion of starch or carbohydrates starts from the mouth itself, but by not chewing the food much, the food remains in the mouth, so the food is not digested. finds. also remains incomplete. The possibility of having problems with the functioning of the liver is eliminated. Because our digestive system can make a big difference in the functioning of the liver.

I will tell you three types of it. You must follow this and if you do not understand something after reading it. So you can also take online advice from our experts. Which will give you the best advice as well as book an appointment for the best blood sample collection in Model Town Delhi.

Absorption: Food becomes very small after digestion, our blood is found in our small intestine as the small intestine digests food, so it is considered the main area of ​​our small intestine, its inner surface frees millions of fingers. , There are some which are also called villi in a way, this gives us a large area for absorption, and this food gets digested in our blood.

Assimilation: If our food is well digested and dissolved, it helps to reach all those parts of our body where it gets mixed in the form of cells which includes all the cells of the body and then which is called food. is called. is called. We can digest it well. With this, our body helps in developing our body along with energy. All of these steps are considered part of liver function.


The liver is a very important part of our body. If any disease comes into it, then our whole body becomes ill, to check it you also have to get tested. We are here for you because of some of these ailments. Best blood test at a low price in Model Town that will test you with all its saris features. That to our experts provide their service at your home with complete security. Our service is available to you 24/7. Where you simply place our appointment. You get a response within 24 hours of that. If you want to get a blood test done in Model Town then do the slot box.

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What Is Neck Pain: Causes, Treatment, and Diagnosis

Do you want to know about the neck pain? Do you want to know what causes it, its treatment, and its diagnosis, then you have seen the right article. Where I will tell you about all the diseases of the neck. By reading this article, your knowledge will increase a lot. Here I will tell you in this article from beginning to end. What are your queries regarding Neck pain? In this article, I will try to solve all your queries of you, then let’s start with this article.

Our neck is a common problem. Which is mostly seen in people of all age groups. If this disease is left untreated. So neck muscle pain can manage too many neck movements. and can reduce our quality of life.

Any kind of stiffness in our neck can also cause neck, shoulder, head, or headache. Muscle pain usually goes away on its own within a few days. If this pain lasts for more than three months.

Back Pain

So we call it there. back pain, sharp, or stabbing. which is localized in one area. Often this is exacerbated by twisting or stretching of the cervical spine. If a compressed nerve becomes involved. So you are feeling numbness, tingling, or weakness in your hands. This back pain right side can occur on both the right side of our body and the left side neck spasm 

A CT scan has to be done for neck pain. But in any pain, you have to get it checked. If you treat it properly. And if you test it, you can find out its status. Due to back pain and muscle pain, it also takes 2 to 3 weeks to recover.

 And if you treat and test it properly, you can increase your chances of getting it cured soon. Our service is brought to you for your test. With all the facilities you will not have to visit our service here, we will provide blood test service at home in Laxmi Nagar.

How to ease neck pain treatment at home?

Usually, the symptoms of neck pain gradually leave your body. And as they go. Come back in the same way. Due to the pain, you can stop the movements in the body. If you are in danger of getting injured or worsening the condition, then do not let the neck pain become a hindrance in your daily life because of the fear of it. We have written some home remedies for neck pain. You must read it.

1. Application of heat and ice

The first and most safe treatment is to apply ice and heat to the neck. And this is so important too. Using it is a very easy task. Cold ice should be applied to get relief from neck pain and stiffness. All you have to do is apply ice for two to three days. Heat can be applied to it. You can use hot packs, hot compresses, and even hot showers to apply heat.

2. Stretching Exercises: 

Certain yoga postures and light stretching can help work your stress and ease your stiffness. In some exercises you have to bring your ears on your shoulders and in some yoga postures, you have to bring your shoulders on the blood of the shoulder. Rolling your shoulders back, and rolling your neck backward are all included in yoga postures and are also called stretching. 

And these simple exercises will prove to be very helpful in reducing your pain. So give it a try and include it in your daily routine. And if you show something related to it, then you can talk to our experts. Our blood test service at a low price in Laxmi Nagar is available for you anytime. 

3. Ginger

Ginger has many medicinal properties. Research has also found this. The dried ginger extract and dried gingerol-rich extracts are known to be very effective in reducing neck pain and swelling. You can use straight ginger. It proves to be very beneficial for health. If you include it in your diet, it will prove to be of great benefit, for neck pain, you can also use dry ginger powder.

Its oil benefits a lot for the pain of back pain. Let our experts know many such home remedies. They will give you tips as well as many more pieces of advice for free. Talk to our doctor consultant. and your appointment

Book on service. We will provide you best blood test service at home in Laxmi Nagar.


We are on mobile all day. Then at night, we go straight to sleep, due to which neck pain starts. And for this reason, there is pain in the back and neck. Neck pain usually gets better within a few days. But if we underestimate it then we cannot get relief from back pain.

We should start treating it at that time. when we are in pain. Along with the treatment, it is also very important for us to test it. We will provide all facilities for you to do your test. And for that, you have to go somewhere.
We will provide our service blood test at home in Jaffrabad and at various locations. If you have any kind of problem-related to needles, then we will remove that too. Because our needle is very sharp. So you won’t even feel the pain. Don’t delay, get your blood test done at home in Laxminagar, our service is available 24/7 for you. You can book slots whenever you want.

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What is Asthma And its Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

What is Asthma: Asthma is considered to be the most inflammatory problem for our lungs. Which causes narrowing and swelling in our airways. It is a chronic disease. And it has become a global problem right now. Which has affected millions of people around the world. The symptoms of asthma then develop in the individual. When inflammation accumulates in the tissues of our airways. And after them, the muscles of the surrounding moss begin to tighten. Whereas asthma symptoms have started getting worse in children, this disease has started flourishing in the elderly. And asthma symptoms adults are found in, they are also not spared from it.

The symptoms of asthma are known to be recurring and the severity varies from person to person. At the same time, some people can remain asthma free most of the time. In some people, you may see these symptoms daily.

What Are The Symptoms of Asthma? 

  • cough, especially at night or early in the morning
  • Chest tightness or pain is common
  • difficulty breathing
  • Wheezing (wheezing sounds like wheezing)
  • Waking up at night is also one of the symptoms of asthma.
  • If your asthma has reached such a state that you are getting very upset because of this, there is a problem with breathing. So this is a sign that your asthma is getting worse.

What Are The Cause of Asthma?

The demand cause of asthma is not yet known. But there are some such factors. Which helps to cure your disease.

  • Allergies
  • environmental factors
  • respiratory infections
  • genetics

Triggers that can cause an asthma attack. If a person comes in contact with such substances. Those are called triggers. Which bothers them and leads to asthma attacks. While some become its immediate attack. But for some, it happens after hours or a few days.

Some common triggers for this: Air pollution: This includes car pollution, factory emissions, and all kinds of smoke.

  • Dust Mites: Dust mite allergies can also trigger an asthma attack.
  • Exercise: An activity like exercise can also cause an attack.
  • Mold: People who are allergic to mold Breejaduo can also become attacked. And its wrath can be seen in them.
  • Pests: Mice and cockroaches can also cause asthma attacks.
  • Pets: Pets can also cause this.
  • Beedi and Tobacco Smoke: Its smoke puts it at high risk of development.
  • Strong chemicals or even odors
  • There are also some occupational risks involved
  • in cold and flu-like infections
  • Medications especially anti-pain relievers such as ibuprofen and aspirin
  • Sudden changes in weather include chills or cold air, and heat.

Further in this article, you will also know which test is important for us and where should we do this test. Now you will not need to go anywhere for the test because now you can avail these services at Pathology Lab In Delhi Near Your Home. And these services are now available for you in Delhi also. Where you will get these services at a low price with all fasciitis in (Blood Test at Home in Delhi).

What Is Asthma treatment

Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma, although there is no need to panic. There are many types of medicines that can prove to be very beneficial for your asthma. And can help you keep up with your taxes. For this, your doctor can plan a personal card for you. So that you can live your life in a normal and satisfactory way.

Short-Term Relief Medicines – These medicines are very beneficial for an asthma attack. And also helps in preventing its symptoms and gives you relief. For example, you will need an inhaler. And a device that will help you breathe when you have trouble breathing. And you have to take it with you.

And if asthma is severe, you’ll need to take a variety of medications. Along with this, you should also get the Pheno test done. And you can get it done in any path lab in Delhi.

Trigger Avoidance Strategies – If your asthma is triggered by tobacco smoke. So you have to avoid the smokers living near you. You should avoid carpets. Use a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, especially in the bedroom. Vacuum every week. You can use this vacuum air in the lab in Delhi.

You can get this type of lab at our service. Our blood test service in Delhi is well known for its services and will give you good service with genuine facilities.

Conclusion: Asthma has emerged as a very dangerous disease. For this, you need to take the right type of diet. And along with this, there is also a need for proper asthma treatment. Tests are also done for this. Like the FENO test which you will need to get done. This will let you know about the condition of your asthma disease. And if you are having many problems because of this, such as there is a problem in breathing, then you should immediately consult your doctor. 
And as I told you about the test. If you need it. You don’t need to go anywhere else. We can help you, with the help of our service (Blood Test in Delhi), you will not need to go anywhere here. You have to book your slot. On our (Blood Test Service in Delhi) website. And the experts of our service will provide you at your home (Blood Test Service in Delhi).

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What Is the Normal Range of Lipid Profile Tests?

Normal Range of Lipid Profile Tests: In this article, I am going to tell you about the lipid profile test. I will explain the lipid profile testing procedure. Then I will explain the normal range of the lipid profile test. In this article, I will give every detail about the Lipid Profile Test. And I will also tell you about the cost of the lipid profile test. After reading this article you will understand deeply about the Lipid Profiler Test. Let’s start with the lipid profile test again.

Your test results may vary depending on your age, gender, the method used to test your health history, and many more. If your result is correct, it does not mean that you do not have any kind of disease or any kind of problem. Be sure to ask your healthcare provider if your results mean anything.

And what does this matter?

Results are shown in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).

Here are the total cholesterol limits for adults:

lipid profile Common range : 200 mg/dL. fewer

lipid profile test  Borderline range  High: 200 to 239 mg/dL

High: 240 mg/dL . or more

These are the adult ranges for LDL cholesterol:

Optimal: Less than 100 mg/dL This is a target for people with diabetes and heart disease.

Near-optimal: 100 to 129 mg/dL

Borderline High: 130 to 159 mg/dL

High: 160 to 189 mg/dL

Too High: 190 mg dL High

The above numbers are general guidelines, but in reality, the target for heart disease depends on the number of risk factors you have.

Your cholesterol level should be above 40 mg/dL. This type of fat is very good for you. Because your risk of heart disease increases significantly. The larger the number, the lower the risk. A level of 60 mg/dL or higher is considered to protect you from heart disease. And to know your body level you should go to a lab and get a blood test done at home in Maujpur you will know your body level.

The highest levels of triglycerides are linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

Some adult categories are:

lipid profile Common range : 150 mg/dL. fewer

lipid profile test  Borderline High range: 150 to 199 mg/dL

High: 200 to 499 mg/dL

Very high: increased by more than 500 mg/dL

Your healthcare provider may also decide based on your test results. If you want to lower your cholesterol. Then he will tell you whether you need to change your lifestyle or change your medicines.

Your results and your goals will vary according to your age and health. If you have diabetes or rheumatism, your risk of heart disease increases even more.

Lipid Profile Test Procedure/Lipid Profile Test Details

In most lipid profile tests, a blood sample is taken by inserting a needle into a vein in your arm. Before your blood is drawn upwards, an elastic band is tied around your upper arm to propel the blood into the veins. So that your vein comes up and it is easier to take the sample. where the needle is placed. The area is cleaned with antiseptic.

 In this way, you can get the test done anywhere. You can get your blood done in any path lab in Delhi on the basis of excel. Get your blood test done only at the best blood test service in Maujpur 

Lipid Profile Blood Test Price/Lipid Profile Test Cost 

Lipid profile test cost                                        price starting 

Lipid profile test price  in Delhi                            360

Lipid profile test price in UP                                 420

Lipid profile test price in Noida                             330 

Lipid profile test price Bangalore                          450 

Lipid Profile Can Also Be Measured In Individuals-How:

  • overweight person
  • who already has heart disease
  • Have diabetes or I am at risk of diabetes. Which is called pre-diabetes.
  • Lead a sedentary lifestyle without much exercise.
  • Avoid unhealthy diet and junk food
  • suffer from chronic high blood pressure
  • Have a habit of drinking or smoking

As I have told you the process of lipid profile test to its normal limits. I discussed its cost with you. If you want to get a lipid profile done and you cannot find any such lab. Where you can get your blood test done sitting at home, the service of blood test can be done sitting at home. So you don’t need to think much. We have brought you one such blood test service in Maujpur where you can get your blood test done sitting at home. We will provide you with our blood test done at your doorstep in Maujpur at an affordable cost. if you are interested. You can also talk to our experts about this. They will tell you the process of booking a slot in Blood Test Service at Home in Maujpur.

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What Is The Importance Of Full Body Checkups?

Importance Of Full Body Checkups: If you want to get a full body checkup done in Shahdara Delhi. Or want to get complete information about health checkups and are looking for labs. Which will provide you your service with the best facilities. Then you have come to the right article. We will tell you about this article about the importance of full body health checkups. Along with this, we will also give you some tips related to your health.

 And if you have a blood test caravan of complete body checkups, then you will be able to get that done too. Please read the article completely.

People often suffer from permanent heart conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, stomach diseases, and many types of cancer. Those who initially show little or no symptoms at all. Due to the consequences of such diseases, you can get opportunities for another life.

The complete full checkup will help you determine whether your condition is better or worse. If the test result is found in an unfamiliar location. So doctors will start your treatment as soon as possible to prevent any progress. Treatment is essential to maintain your condition and fitness. Doctors have goals. You and your family have to be protected from infectious diseases.

Age Factor: Your age is kept before you start your test. Apart from this it also helps to define the importance of your health measures. Some diseases also pass from generation to generation. And the chances of passing on the disease increase manifold. There are many such diseases. These can be passed on from generation to generation, called diabetes, heart disease, and many diseases like that. Such are these diseases. Those who are detected early and treated early, the more the chances of ending the disease increase.

Children under 21 years of age. And he is healthy too. 

Routine health check-ups are not recommended for those children. If the child is born with disease insurance. So it is uncertain about birth.

  • People below 50 years of age can do their test in 2-3 years.
  •  When you are over 50, you must get yourself done within at least 1 year.
  • You must get a health checkup done once, it tells about your health status.
  • Book your health checkup package online at Shahdara Krishna Nagar at the best price only.
  • You can also book our service. Our (Blood Testing Service in Delhi Krishna Nagar) will provide you service at home at the best price.

Some diseases related to your stomach are related to your family history. Such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, and people with such diseases have expert advice. That he should start getting his full body checkup checked between 35 and 40 years.

Some Common Health Tests Between Men and Women.

  • depression
  • blood pressure
  • HIV test is also important
  • Cancer of the lungs (caused by excessive smoking)
  • diabetes type 2
  • Liver and kidney function tests (due to heavy consumption of alcohol.

Some Tests That Men Should Consider.

  • Get your cholesterol tested at 35 years old.
  •  The male who is above 50 should undergo a colonoscopy examination.
  • A kidney examination is also necessary.
  • Cardiac evaluation.
  • The full body test is also important.

Conclusion: The routine of our life is that diseases keep coming from our bodies. But this is the most important thing. That you should know about that disease. So that you can start his treatment. For this, you need to have a full body checkup Which is the done condition of your body. May he be known. Our service (Blood Test Service in Krishna Nagar Delhi ) provides this service. According to your condition, you will not even need to go anywhere in Delhi for this. We will provide our service to you at your home. That too is the cheapest price. If you will book your slot for our (Blood Test at Home in Delhi Shahdara). We will also provide you with some offers. book now and try our best blood test service or home collection in Krishna Nagar Delhi.

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How do we find the best blood test service?

How do we find the best blood test service?

If you are looking for Best Blood Test Service Near Your Home then you have come to the right article. I will tell you about the How do we find the best blood test service. Where you can get blood tests done at a low cost. Here I will also tell you the blood tests advantage, from which you will get a lot of benefits. I am sure that the knowledge I will tell you about the blood test service will be enough for you. Let’s start the article again.

We are providing blood tests at a very low cost. Our blood testing labs have all the facilities like Complete Blood Count (CBC), Basic Metabolic Panel, etc. We also have heart disease tests available.

Our laboratory provides blood tests. As you have seen in the last few years diseases like corona had engulfed the whole country. You can book your slot through our website and get blood test service at home, and you can get a blood test done by booking an online slot while avoiding offline service that too while sitting at home and in this busy life of ours.

We do not even get time to go out, that we can go out somewhere and get ours.

In this digital life, health check-ups don’t even think of going out when they know that we can get blood tests done at home in yamun vihar. 

Now in this corona era blood test has become very important and we don’t know how many diseases have developed. In this corona period, fear has arisen in the hearts of people, I do not know which disease will catch me now.

Why Blood Tests Have Been So Important

It has become very important to get a blood test done at least once every year.

Over the years, we have updated our website so that you experience our clientele. The website is better and there is no problem in booking your seat. At present, there are some offers running on our website, which you can take advantage of by visiting our website. Our customers can also avail of blood test service at their doorstep at an affordable cost. Our blood test service in  Yamuna Vihar is also available now.

We aim to provide the best service to our customers, we keep on revealing offers from time to time. Right now a huge discount is going on our website, which you can take advantage of, if you have any problem related to this then you can visit us.

Advantages of our blood test service 

1. You can book our seat at low-cost nearby shahada in Delhi.

2. Our website provides 24×7 service

3. Our aim is to make our service accessible to the people so that people can take advantage of our low-cost service.

4. We have highly experienced and trustable doctors. 

5. You will not charge for any of our services.

6.  Full body checkup is also done by high-machines

7. You will be given free advice by doctors.

Blood sample collection

You can book a blood test from anywhere in Delhi, and we will provide you with our service there. We will provide a blood test lab near you or Yamuna Vihar wherever you want and if you have any queries.

 you can also consult our highly experienced doctors which are free of cost. We provide reliable reports with accurate timing so that our clients are completely satisfied. Our Service Our Lab is fully accredited.

All these blood tests are related to your life, if you want to live your life in a beautiful way, then you need to do more and more blood tests because in this busy life no one knows about you how much you are on the other hand.  Are you sick? You don’t need to go anywhere for a blood test, we will do a blood test at your home.

It happens in someone’s life that he has cancer, he also knows that he has cancer and he knows that by the time it is too late he finds out about his disease, so your blood count investigation may take place.

 So that you can know which disease has surrounded you, it has become very important to get a blood test done. We will provide you with a blood test at home in Yamuna Vihar. Wherever you want with all the facilities at your home in Yamuna Vihar


You must have read in this article how important the blood test has become in our lives, if we do not get the blood test done, then we do not know that we are entangled in which disease. Which disease is eating us from inside. But due to busy life people shy away from coming to the lab. But now you can get your blood test done at home. We will give you all the facilities. You can also get your blood test done in Yamuna Vihar. And on booking your slot, we will provide our blood test service at your doorstep in Yamuna Vihar. If you are looking for a blood test in Yamuna Vihar only. So hurry up and book your slot. And take advantage of our services at your home.

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Benefits of Home Collection Services in Bhajanpura Delhi

Benefits of Home Collection Services: Blood test service lab where you can get your blood test done at a very low cost, that too at your home, and still you are panicking? Are you considering going to a medical center for some sort of test? Are you avoiding your test by ignoring your COVID-19 symptoms? And the fear of the moment is taking a toll on your health.

We have been monitoring these emerging issues for a few months now. And as a solution to these, our service at Home Blood Test in Delhi Bhajanpura will get your blood tested, that too by our pathology labs for the elderly, children, and all those patients who cannot go to the lab themselves. For them, we have started services like home sample collection.

We Gained Customer Confidence  

We have created a ray of faith in the people through our service that if they ever want to take the exam, there is no fear in their minds. We provide our service by visiting their home. We set up a blood test laboratory near Shahdara in Delhi for him. We have encouraged those patients. So that we can give you an accurate report and also you can check the report. When our experts come home sample collection. So he is less than all those things. Required for sample collection.

For the safety of health workers and patients, utmost care is taken in our lab for cleanliness. And tests like temperature checks are done every day for their assurance. These procedures reduce the chances of spreading infectious viruses. Brings all kinds of relief to society. And even after hating these hygiene procedures, our service takes care of everything given by WHO and other government officials. We will provide you with all the facilities of services like sample collection at home.

We’ve Set Some Goals for The Home Collection Service 

We aim to. We inspire citizens to take care of their health with the help of our services. Our staff will help prevent the potential for serious health risks by detecting them early to avoid the possibility of health ignorance.

People who are homophobic victims. You will be able to get the test done sitting in your home. So that the cleaning process is easy and the patients do not face any problems.

The next time you have to get tested, fear not. And you never have to think twice or thrice about it. Whenever there is a test caravan. Irrespective of the type, just 2 Mint can book your slot online from any website.

 Check out any lab near you to see how they’re serving you. You are getting facilities. Whether the report has 100% accuracy. And wait for lab verification from Govt. And in which lab near Delhi do you collect home collection services? Check them properly.

3 Reasons Why Our Service Is Getting Better Day By Day

  1.  Convenience: Our service blood test in Bhajanpura Delhi is providing the biggest benefit ever to its users. Our service is providing you. For this, you can stay at your home. And wait for your scheduled time without worrying about traffic or your parking. Our experts will give you the benefit of this facility right at your home. This feature can come in handy whenever you want. When the weather is bad or there’s a storm, you can’t go to the lab. Or the condition of the road is very bad.
  1. Safety: If you book your slot on our service in Bhajanpura Delhi. You can avoid the crowd. Avoid places full of germs. Which is usually what you will get to see with this process. Your blood sample or urine sample when laboratories take it. Then you will become a sandwich in the crowd. Instead of this process, you should be comfortable in your own home. Our experts will come to your home, take your sample in complete safety and you can ask them any question you have.
  1. Coronavirus safe: The world has changed a bit in the last few years. Kovid-19 has changed the way of life of the whole world and changed our thinking if you have not yet got SARS-CoV-2. The disease caused by this will change the way you live in the habit. We are telling you this because we know it for the foreseeable future. By booking your slot using our service, you can reduce the risk of the virus by staying away from other people. We provide our service at your Home in Bhajanpura Delhi.

conclusion:  We have worked on our service for a few months and made our service comfortable for you. Our service is touching heights day by day. You will see 100% consistency in our lab. Which is enough to attract you to our service. Sample Collection at Home in Bhajanpura and all whole Delhi. We have greatly improved this service so that you do not feel any shortage or any complaints. Our Pathology Lab near you will provide you service with complete facilities. Contact us for blood test home collection in Bhajanpura and all Delhi locations.

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Procedure of Covid-19 Test in Delhi

If you are looking for. Blood test lab that can test your blood and explain the complete procedure of covid-19 Test in Delhi. So here your search on this article ends. You have come to the right article. We will explain the entire procedure to you here. And if he wants to get a blood test done, he can also get it done. Let’s understand—the complete procedure of covid-19

More blood tests are now being conducted in Delhi than in previous years. Then whatever kind of blood test it is and if seen, due to Kovid 19, now you will definitely get the test of covid 19 available in most blood labs. , you can see. People of Delhi are booking their slots online by visiting any website to book a blood test. And getting the RT-PCR test at home in Delhi.

And severe symptoms of covid 19 are found in any patient. That’s why doctors advise you to get an RT-PCR test done immediately. Suppose a patient feels that he has been infected. Therefore, he can get a blood test done even without a doctor’s prescription. You can get a blood test done near your home.

When is a Blood Test Necessary?

  • Mild high fever
  • Cough
  • Runny nose, congestion
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache, foul smell
  • Getting cold
  • Sore throat, nausea
  • Diarrhea fatigue

And whenever you have contact with someone who is already a covid patient. So because of coming in contact with him, your risk of getting infected increases.

Many such cases have been seen in covid. The patient does not have any symptoms of covid. And the covid 19 test report has come positive.

What Do The Test Results Mean?

A positive RT-PCR test usually means that you are infected. That it has a lot of potential. You may not know this from the covid-19 result. How long have you been infected and who you have been infected with? And you might not even know about it. how severe your symptoms are.

And this is what the RT PCR test tells you. How high is its capacity? so that you don’t get infected? If you are having trouble breathing. And you are also not covid-19 positive. That’s why you should tell your doctor about your symptoms.

How do collect samples for the RT-PCR test?

 For the RT PCR test, a test is taken from your nose. And this is known as a nasopharyngeal swab. For this, your head is tilted backward. Then the test sample is taken. Then one end is inserted into your nose. The test sample is taken by inserting a long Q-tip into the nostril of your nose. It is then left in the nose until it completes its reaction. It is pulled back after turning it several times. This test doesn’t cause you much pain, but it’s not that comfortable either. And sometimes a saliva sample is also collected from the patient.

How accurate is the RT-PCR test?

Our laboratory professionals and test developers work hard to make report results 100% accurate. As of now, the RT PCR test is highly specific for the COVID test. This is what it means when the RT PCR report comes negative. that you are not infected.

Conclusion: I have shared with you the complete process of covid 19. How is the RT PCR test taken? And why is this exam so important? If someone in your relationship is suffering from this disease or you are yourself, then it is very important for you to get an RT PCR test done. Our (Blood Test Service in Shahdara Delhi) conducts all these tests. And if you want to test sitting at home. With 100% accuracy that too at a low cost. Then you can contact us. Our (Blood Test Service in Laxmi Nagar Delhi) will provide you with our service with complete convenience. If you need to get blood test service at home in Delhi you can call us to book blood test home collection in Shahdara Delhi. Write to us if you have any quarry & questions related to Procedure-Covid19-Test or any other question.

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Types of Blood Tests?

Know the secret to increase your health from these different types of blood tests, do this test once a year, blood tests can detect internal diseases of your body. About the parts of all the parts of your body, it can be found out from which part of your body the problem is coming. And which part is not working properly. And to test it, it is necessary to take blood tests and other types of blood samples. A blood test and urine test are enough to check it.

Thyroid panel: The thyroid helps in releasing important hormones from our body. Although you must get a thyroid test done every year, although you may not need it in the future, if you want to stay updated about your health then you should get this test done. With this test, you will be able to know important things about your body, although the thyroid test includes three types of blood tests. t3 t4 and TSH. 

If we talk about our country India, then the thyroid is growing rapidly here too. Because the thyroid is considered a silent killer. And this disease is being found in both men and women. That’s why the thyroid has become even more important. If you want to do it in your city. There are many types of labs available. And our lab also works on this blood test in Delhi NCR. Many labs in Delhi also work on this.

Lipid profile: You can get your cholesterol checked by the lipid profile. The lipid profile test is divided into 4 types, some of them are Total Cholesterol (TC), High-Density Lipoprotein is divided into two more types. (HDL or good cholesterol), low-density lipoprotein (LDL or as you may know it.

bad cholesterol) and triglycerides (TG). With all these tests, you can also know about the health of the heart. With the help of this test, we find out about the size of ADL and their particles. HDL is also known as high density; its deficiency can lead to heart disease.

Hemoglobin A1C Test: With the help of a hemoglobin A1C test, the glucose level in the body can be detected for up to 3 months. If you get this test done every year, then you can also avoid a dangerous disease like diabetes. Diabetes patients are failing very fast all over the world

 And our India also could not escape from it and its cases are increasing rapidly in India too. In such a situation, due to the presence of such serious diseases, we must get this test done.

How do we collect blood samples for tests?

While taking a blood sample, it is crucial for you to keep some things in mind.

  •  Syringe
  • Test tube
  • Spirit
  • Cotton
  • Tourniquet

First, you must keep these types of equipment with you. You have to pay attention to the thing that you need. The test you will need. Accordingly, you have to take test tubes because there are many types of test tubes, then you will need to take care. At what time which the test tube will be used? After that ML.  blood is to be taken. Accordingly, you have to choose the syringe.


If you also want to get any type of blood test done. They too have come to the right place in their city of Delhi. And reading the right article. Because we also give our service in blood test service in Delhi NCR only. That too by coming to your home, if you get your blood test done in Delhi NCR through our site, then we will also provide you some offers.

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Five Ways To Boost Your Health

Ways To Boost Your Health

If you want to boost your health. Or want to work out your weight. And you try to be active throughout the day. Then these tips can help you. Often we are not able to take care of our health. We eat all those things throughout the day. Things that completely ruin our mental health and our digestive system. And we are not able to increase our health.

If you want to improve your health. And want to improve mental health. Take care of the smallest things related to your diet, now we will tell you some such things so that you will be able to boost your health.

Exercise: Daily exercise is a gift to your growing age. And with this, you will be able to expand your health as well. If you include it in your daily routine. So you get many benefits from it like your eyesight proves to be very beneficial for it. Along with improving vision, it also normalizes your blood pressure, builds lean muscle mass, and lowers your cholesterol. And it improves your digestive health and it also improves your bone density.

  • Experts give advice. If you drink a lot of water. So this increases your chances of improving your health.
  • It has come in the study that by having breakfast, you stay away from many diseases. That’s why you must have breakfast.
  • You should keep eating something or the other throughout the day. Too much gap between meals is not beneficial.
  • Try that whatever you eat is rich in protein.
  • Use spicy things.
  • Be sure to eat vegetables because most protein is found in them, especially vegetables.
  • Take salad while eating and take green and orange-colored cheese in it.

Like include carrots, and oranges and include green vegetables like cucumber in it.

  • Weight gain also increases due to excess salt, so use less salt.
  • If possible, drink vegetable juice before eating, in which calories are found useful. This will consume 10 to 15 percent fewer calories, which will keep your stomach full for longer. It will boost your mental health.
  • Keep a record of your meals. You can also use a diary to keep track of how much food you ate and how much water you drank throughout the day.
  • Have dinner and lunch on time and eat fruits and green vegetables.
  • And throughout the day you should not consume soda at all. This will also improve your health.
  • Get full sleep at night and go to bed early and exercise early in the morning.
  • Try not to eat anything after dinner. And walking for a while after eating is very beneficial.
  • Beans, milk, popcorn, and potatoes do not eat these things at night because the amount of carbohydrates is very high in it. And carbohydrates should not be eaten at night.

How to Improve Your Mental Health? 

In today’s hectic life, the problem of stressed mental health has become a common thing, you will definitely find this problem wherever you look. In this era, improving your mental health has become a big deal.

If our mental health is not good, it also affects our studies. If you improve your mental health, your health will improve as well.

To increase mental health, you keep learning something new. Spending time with positive people as much as possible will affect your mental health. And mental health will increase. Keep stress away from yourself as much as possible. Try to stay calm, and don’t hesitate to seek help if you don’t understand something.

Sometimes your mental health solution that comes out comes out of getting a blood test done because it is possible that if you have some disease then you must also get the blood test done once.

Now a lot of labs have been opened which will do your blood test at home. If you search on Google Blood Test Service in Delhi or in Hindi Ghar pe Blood test karaye or Ghar par khoon ki janch karwaye then you will get a lot of options. Many websites are available in the market to book a slot but you must analyze who is offering the best blood test service or 100 % Correct results.

Conclusion: I have told you some things to boost your health to improve your mental health. I have given some tips but this is not the only solution. Sometimes you also have to get a blood test done for this. Not everyone can come out of this. Sometimes a blood test also has to be done. If you want to get tested. So you don’t need to go anywhere. We also provide our service in Blood Test Service in Delhi Maujpur, you will also get many types of facilities here. Our service is best for you so that you can get a blood test done at home in Delhi.

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